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Healthy Chicken Taco Picutre

Healthy Tacos Barbequed Chicken Seasoned with Lemon and Tapatio

Healthy Grilled Chicken Soft Tacos
Grilled Lemon and Pepper Boneless Chicken Breast, Grilled Whole Jalapenos, Grilled Mexican Green Onions. Photo: Jason Hennessey

Healthy Low Fat Chicken Tacos

All tacos are not created equal.  I’ve taken the standard taco concept and kept it simple and light but still full of flavor.  The best thing about tacos is that everyone can customize the toppings to their specific tastes.


(2-3) Boneless Skinless Chicken Breast (Thawed)
(2-3) Fresh Lemons
(1-2) Cups of Fresh Salsa Ranchera if available.
(1) Bottle Tapatio hot sauce.
(1) Bunch of Green Onions (scallions, etc.)
(1) Bunch of Cilantro (coriander, etc)
(1) Head of fresh cabbage
(1) Can of  Vegetarian Re-fried Beans
(1) Pack of fresh corn tortillas

Optional Ingredients:

(1) Small tub of sour creme(1) Small block of Jack or Cheddar Cheese.
(1) Bunch of Mexican green onions.
(1-5) Raw Jalapeno Peppers.
(1-2) Ripe Avocados

Always be careful when handling raw poultry.  Avoid splashing a cross surface contamination, wash hands, dishes, and utensils thoroughly which contact raw poultry.

Trim chicken breast of excess fat to keep it lean if desired.  Place in an appropriate bowl or pan.  I prefer a 9×12 pyrex cake pan.  Take the Tapatio Shake two or three generous squirts on each breast.  Rub the Tapatio into each breast thoroughly and be careful not to splash.  Wash hands!  Cut two or three lemons and squeeze over chicken breast.  Black pepper is a good substitute for Tapatio if desired.

Condiments: Chop Green onions, Cilantro, and cabbage as desired, grate cheese, and refrigerate.

Cooking time varies depending on BBQs, Ovens, etc. Always cook poultry thoroughly as per FoodSafety.Gov.  Click HERE

BBQ Chicken:  Make sure your grill is clean.  If not, shame on you, anything you grill is going to taste like a burnt bbq.  Coat grill the surface with a small amount of olive oil to prevent the chicken from sticking.  I usually preheat the grill for 5 minutes on high then reduce heat to low and add chicken.  Cook covered on low heat for 12-14 minutes per side or until done.  Grill one side at a time.  Don’t flip back and forth.

Optional: Grill Jalapenos and Mexican Onions.  Jalapeno’s come from the market covered in a vegetable oil coating.  Wash with soap and water to remove.  Roll the Jalapenos in a little sea salt for added flavor. While grilling the second side add Jalapeno’s and Mexican grilled onions to grill, rotate every couple of minutes.  Remove chicken, peppers, and onions from the grill and let stand for at least 5 minutes.

Re-fried beans:  Empty contents of the re-fried beans into a medium saucepan and heat on low heat, stirring frequently to prevent overcooking on the bottom.

Chop or Shred: Depending on preferences, dice the chicken into desired size blocks or shred with a pair of forks.

Oven cooked corn tortillas:  Place corn tortillas over two bars of the middle over the rack with edges flopped down below making an upside-down u-shape.  Turn on the oven to 350 and bake until the tortillas reach the desired.  Cooking time varies by oven.  You’re trying to reach a balance between softness and durability.  Cook too short and the tortilla falls apart, too long and it will be tough.

Once the tortillas are ready, it’s time to grind!

Here is how to fix GREAT Chicken Tacos, So ono!  Take a cooked perfectly baked tortilla in one hand, and spread a thin layer of re-fried beans on the bottom. Add the desired amount of cubed chicken breast, salsa ranchera, easy on the cheese, green onions, cilantro, cabbage, avocado, and a tiny dollop of sour cream.  Enjoy the tacos with a grilled jalapeno and grilled Mexican green onion.  Enjoy a cold beverage of your choice.

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Jason Hennessey
Healthy Meal Exchange

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